Reviews of Brave Trials fantasy role playing app

Brave Trials is our second most popular role playing games online. It was developed by a trending mobile app developer by the name of IGG, who currently holds many top app spots on the Android market.

Brave Trials update on April 27, 2015

Brave Trials was last updated on April 27, 2015 where the mobile app developer made 9 significant changes to the overall gameplay and user experience in the game. For a full list of the changes and updates on this latest patch into version 1.5.7, make sure to check out the Google play store and search for the game Brave Trials to read the entire list.

One of the most significant changes in this update, was added skills that were unlocked as well is a new feature that was added called the Zenith Arena. The developers also introduced the new orange equipment and added another new feature which was titled Expedition.

Brave Trials 4.5 Star Rating and Reviews

Brave Trials has been a huge hit on the Google play store and its getting stellar reviews from players around the world.  If you look at the most recent reviews you will quickly see that 90% of the reviews are 5 stars with only 1 user saying that he’s having issues with his guide and inability to level up. Apparently he’s also unable to donate anything.

Aside from that one bad review, the rest were awesome with people saying that it’s a highly addictive app and there are no issues with lag. It’s a really unique MMORPG was also said as well as a five-star rating that said you don’t have to purchase in-game gems to have fim playing this game.

Brave Trials free fantasy game

November 12, 2014 Update for Brave Trials

Last week, the same day we landed on a comet, was the day the developers released their biggest update to date.They added in lots of new features and content that we’ll list briefly below from the official app page.

  • Guild System / basic features unlocked
  • Talent System added where characters make titles
  • Max level was increased to level 80
  • Level 70 Party Trials were unlocked as well as the Ancient Realm Chapter 8
  • Halloween season content
  • City Defense added with two players
  • Fixed problems with Google accounts
  • Fixed errors for free refreshes on the Bazaar

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