Download & Install Age of Lords Dragon Slayer for PC Windows

The game Age of Lords Dragon Slayer is an Android app that you can download for your Windows PC computer and install to play on your desktop monitor.

The mobile app developer who released this game

This game was released onto the Google play store just recently under the strategy category of games. It was also developed by mobile app company known as Erepublik Labs, which is only responsible for three other games that are in a completely different category. These games are known as Super Monster Mayhem: Rampage, Super Block Jumper and Frantic Rabbit: Easter Edition. Although they all look like very interesting games, they don’t quite fit into the same style of gameplay that is included in Age of Lords Dragon Slayer.

The features of this app online gameplay

Says we already mentioned, Age of Lords Dragon Slayer is a strategy style action game where you get to build and explore all of the lands around you, and then use your strategies to try to conquer your enemies. This game is set in the Mediaeval times and it is a multiplayer game online where you get to go to war, and only the smartest and the strongest players get to survive and progress on forward.

When you start playing this game you get your own Castle and you have to try to forge alliances with other players, all at the same time while maintaining a massive army that you will need to use to defeat all of the other players in your kingdom. It’s a really fast paced game and it’s going to be really challenging and difficult to master, but with time you will improve on your skills and will become better and better at this game.

How to download and play Age of Lords Dragon Slayer for PC computer or Windows laptop

If you would like to start playing this game on your Windows computer, then you will need to use an Android emulator which you can download online. Follow the instructions down below and you’ll be able to play this game with your friends online anytime you like using your desktop monitor and your PC computer.

Step 1. Click one of the social media icons down below to share this game with your friends online.

Step 2. Install the BlueStacks app player from their homepage at Follow the instructions on your screen after you download it.
Step 3. Use the BlueStacks app player to search for the game Age of Lords, and then download the official app by clicking the game icon in the Google play store within the BlueStacks app player, and then clicking the green install button on apps official page.
Step 4. After the app player installs the game, you can now launch it and start playing by clicking the green open button. You can also start the game by clicking the games icon on the BlueStacks home screen, under the category of “All Apps.”

Ratings and reviews on the Google play store

This game, although new, already has nearly 10,000 ratings on the Google play store. Its current rating is 4.0 stars out of 5, but that has a lot to do with an early release and still some bugs and issues that the developers have to fix. Users who left a review for this game were saying that although the game is great it does have crashes. One user said that the game is developing nicely in that it has some great features, although it might need a few more things to make it a better game. He said that overall the game is a complete success in terms of gameplay and the user interface, but it started to crash just to updates ago.

Latest update on June 16, 2015

The Age of Lords Dragon Slayer app was last updated on June 16, 2015 by the mobile app developer Erepublik Labs. This latest update brought the game into version 1.6.1, and made various improvements and additions to the overall gameplay and content. These changes include the ability to defeat dragons and other monsters to be able to gain awards. You can also now climb and keep your position in the new leaderboard as well as check the top 10 players from the latest advance that just happened.

The developers also added in a new Google achievements list and leaderboard’s and updated translations for several of the languages. There also, as expected, several bug fixes and visual improvements that were made in this latest patch. The developers offer to read your opinions if you would like to give feedback, you can email the developers at

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