Access the Pixel Dungeon Wiki for starting guides, tips on how to play and weapon strategies

If you’re interested in playing Pixel Dungeon, one of the best role-playing games from app developer watabou, then you might be interested in finding some free tips and advice and perhaps some strategies by using the Pixel Dungeon wiki online learning how to play the game.

The official Pixel Dungeon Wiki

The official Pixel Dungeon Wiki can be found at where you can find a starting guide, tips on how to play, armor strategies, information about enemies, weapons and even the storyline.

But don’t let your search end there, because there are plenty of other places online where you can find Pixel Dungeon information and improve your gameplay.

One of our favorite sources of information for Android games and apps is Reddit. You can find Reddit’s official section for Pixel Dungeon at

Pixel Dungeon Wiki for starting guides

Reddit is a great place to connect with other Pixel Dungeon fans who are looking to share what they have learned about the game as well as tips that you won’t find anywhere else.

You might also enjoy playing a game called MultiCraft!

Don’t forget about Pixel Dungeon’s official site:

Pixel Dungeon as we said was developed by the mobile app developer watabou. Therefore we shouldn’t forget to check out their official page for some official information about Pixel Dungeon at three can find lots of information about the game, the developers and even the future direction of the game.

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