What is the State of the Union? It Depends

Donald Trump gave a speech to Congress that further divided the nation.  While the progressive camp refused to cheer his grandstanding, the fascist camp stood repeatedly and cheered every time the president read off another so-called accomplishment.

Here are a few important matters Trump didn’t mention in the State of the Union Address.
Our Massive Debt

When Bill Clinton left office in 2001, handing the presidency over to an unelected usurper, he left a balanced budget with no new debt.  George Bush then proceeded to add trillions of dollars of debt in eight years, partly by waging two unnecessary and unending wars and partly by raising domestic spending without raising taxes.

When President Obama took over in 2009, the country was in the early stages of the biggest recession since the Great Depression.  Bush and his cronies had allowed the banks to get so far over their heads in debt that when the downturn began in earnest in 2007 with the sub-prime mortgage crash, they were only able to delay the endemic economic crash, not prevent it.

President Obama had no choice but to stimulate the economy by injecting trillions of dollars into it.  Nevertheless, it’s obvious to everyone that we are only a slight uptick in interest rates away from the present economic recovery to come crashing down upon us.  Trump needs to address this looming crisis head on.  Instead he talks about chimerical economic growth.

African-American Unemployment

It may be true that unemployment in the African-American community, as measured by the Department of Labor, has fallen.  The president did not explain which kinds of jobs black Americans are getting.  What’s most likely is that most of the growth in black employment in the past twelve months is in menial, low-paying jobs.

Trump has no plan for increasing black employment in the professions.  He has no plan for increasing the number of black doctors and nurses.  He has no plan for increasing the number of black engineers, mathematicians, chemists, and physicists.

In short, the growth that Trump is ballyhooing is built in large measure on low-paying jobs and since the African-American was at the bottom of the employment ladder, they are the ones getting the bulk of these dead-end jobs.

When the economy crashes as it inevitably will, given our raging national debt, born of bad Republican stewardship, who will be the hardest hit?  Obviously, as these jobs disappear black unemployment will once again skyrocket.

The president also didn’t mention the threat to black working people posed by the rise of robots to do their rightful work.

Gambling in America

Donald Trump is among many other things, a land casino mogul.  He may have sold his casinos but his heart is definitely in the gaudy casinos.  Thus, he should have spoken about encouraging Americans to gamble, if they must, at the best online casinos, instead of paying extra for travel, hotels, restaurants and the like in places like Las Vegas.

Trump laid out his so-called plan for overhauling the entire immigration process including undocumented immigrants and, especially, those unfortunate undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States by their parent or parents when they, the kids, were too young to understand.

They are called Dreamers because President Obama took matters into his own hands after the Republican Congress failed to pass the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act.  The acronym of the failed bill is dream so the people affected by the law became known as Dreamers.

Trump has never actually spoken about who the Dreamers really are.  He missed a great chance to do so in the State of the Union Address.

The Dreamers are Americans in every way except the official way.  They don’t remember their country of origin.  They may speak English far better than the language of their parents.

The bill that failed to pass and caused President Obama to take over implementing the basic measures of the bill, called for recognizing that these people, the Dreamers, were being held back from achieving the American dream by remaining undocumented, through no fault of their own.

If Trump felt it right to brag about increasing employment among African-Americans, however misleading that message is, he should openly acknowledge that Dreamers are held back from being legally employed at all.  Dreamers should be treated as fully American as anyone who has the requisite documentation so they can join society with heads held high.

Gun Laws

The second amendment desperately needs amending.  The long needed overhaul of this relic of the 18th century has resulted in Americans possessing hundreds of millions of handguns.  By not mentioning the gun violence crisis, Trump made it clear that he has no plan to reduce homicides in America’s big cities.

These cities all have large African-American populations.  It begs the question whether Trump really cares about all the innocent people being killed by guns in America’s inner cities.  He does openly care about the opioid crisis which has hit white America hard.  He needed to and failed to talk about the gun-caused mayhem raging in our cities.

Sexual Harassment

This was the least likely subject for the president to bring up in his speech given his long history as less than gentlemanly with regard to women.  So, it was no surprise that he didn’t mention the sexual harassment epidemic in America but the omission was glaring in any case.

The Tip of the Iceberg

Trump hinted at many areas that he will “address” in the upcoming year.  Talk is cheap and he has done none of the things he mentioned yet.  So, we’ll wait and see what actually comes of his bellicosity.  A slight downturn in the economy will surely blow up all of Trump’s highfalutin plans. Ryan Getzlaf Womens Jersey

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