Download the Tango Free Messenger App for PC

Tango is a free Android app under the social category of apps that you can download for free and use as your messenger app on your Windows PC computer or Android device. You can install in use this app on your PC by using the BlueStacks mobile app player, which is a free Android emulator that gives you access to all of the latest and greatest apps on the Google play store.

Tango is a very popular social app that has gotten over 2.5 million ratings from users all around the world. And currently holds a 4.2 star rating on the Android marketplace from 1.7 million users who gave it a five star rating.

Some of the many great features of Tango is that after you install the app on your PC or Android device you are able to make free calls including voice calls and be able to send free text messages with all of your friends and family online. You can connect using and nearly any mobile device that’s running an Android platform including the iPhone and even a Samsung, as well as your PC computer using and Android emulator to mimic the Google play store app.

Tango Free Messenger App for PCThe voice and video calls include high quality service where you can connect to your 3G, 4G or even your Wi-Fi to help improve your signal and be able to chat with your friends anytime you want for free. You can also play very fun mini games during your video calls if you get bored. Another great aspect of this app is that you get free international calls with anyone else that is also using Tango, which can save you a lot of money and hassle by juggling around different international plans on your mobile phone.

Tango also includes free text in group chats where you can access of worldwide connection with all of your friends and send messages to them using the app for free. The messenger app on Tango is great because you can create custom groups and make sure you get all of your friends into your chat room so that you can discuss whatever it is you need to discuss and be able to share things like music, photos, and even voice and video messages so that everyone can see it at the same time.

There’s even something else that makes Tango such a unique app in its category and is probably why has been installed over 10 million times by players all around the world. It includes the all new and exclusive Tango Channels, which can range in topics from sports to music and will give you an all-new way to getting entertainment on your smart phone and be able to meet new friends who have the same interests as you.

We really hope you choose to download and use the Tango free video chat and call app on your Windows computer or your smart phone depending on what kind of device you have or what you will be using it for.

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