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Sports Wallpaper for Madden NFL Mobile Game in 1080×1920 HD Resolution

To use this image as your wallpaper on your phone, go to the following link in your phone’s browser and save the image to your phone:

This is a wallpaper for one the most popular sports games currently on the android Google play store market. The game is called Madden NFL mobile and has been trending for a while now on the Android Market with millions of downloads and hundreds of thousands of ratings from users all around the world who enjoy playing football games and specifically NFL mobile games. Read more..

Trivia Crack Wallpapers in 1080×1920 HD Resolution for Android Devices

To use a Trivia Crack wallpaper for your android smart phone you’re going to need to find this page on your android smart phone by going to your Internet browser and going to the following URL:

Once you find this page on your smart phone, you simply hold your finger on the image that you want to use as your background and save it to your gallery pictures. Then find the picture you just saved on your smart phone and selected to set it as your background for either your lock screen or your homepage. Read more..

Wallpapers for Kritika The White Knights on Samsung Galaxy S5 in 1080×1920 Resolution

Go here in your phone browser to save the wallpapers to your gallery before setting as your background:

What’s going on guys, on this page we have three awesome huge resolution wallpapers for the awesome game Kritika The White Knights for you to download and use on your android smart phone. These wallpapers will fit nearly any new smart phone including the Samsung galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8. They are set in the resolution 1080×1920, which means that they can be resized to fit nearly any Android smart phone by simply saving the photo to your computer and then cropping at them fit whatever size you’d like. Read more..