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Download Beats Music for PC (Windows XP, 7, 8 & Mac)

Beats Music is the latest music and audio app to hit the Google play store and it brings an awesome new twist on listening to music using your Android device.

However, this mobile application is it limited to just smart phones and tablets, because you can also install this free program and use it on your desktop PC or laptop and listen to all of your favorite music while working or studying on your home computer.

Beats Music brings some new innovation to the music industry and provides users with a unique way to stream all of your favorite songs and albums. This application uses the latest premium technology to deliver exactly what you want to listen to at the right time using a very simple and easy-to-use layout. Read more..

Algoriddim djay for PC – Free download

Algoriddim djay is a popular music and audio app that is currently under the editor’s choice on the Google play store. This is essentially a free DJ app available for Android devices as well as for your Windows PC computer using and Android emulator. Follow along in this article and we’re going to show you how you can download and play the Algoriddim djay app on your PC computer.

How to download and play Algoriddim djay for PC

If you would like to install the app Algoriddim djay for your PC computer, then you going to need to download the BlueStacks mobile app player from Install the software onto your computer and then use it to search for the game “djay FREE” just like you would on your Android device. Read more..

How to download Real Guitar free app for PC Computer

Real Guitar Free is an app that is available by Gismart on the Music & Audio category of the Android marketplace. You can download this app for free onto your PC computer and use it from your desktop by using an Android emulator, such as BlueStacks. In this article we are going to be taking a look at how you can download and install the Real Guitar Free app to be able to use it on your PC computer.

Real Guitar Free has already been installed over 10 million times was last updated on March 6, 2015. In this latest update the developers added in a chord Finder as well as custom cords to allow you to customize the app. In the last few updates for Real Guitar Free there were many new features added in such as strumming patterns, a new solo mode and various animations of the guitar strings that should improve the user interface of the game. Therefore if you’re not running the latest version of Real Guitar Free, then we recommend you install this one and begin using it today. Read more..

How to play Magic Piano by Smule – Free download for PC

Magic Piano is an app that was created by mobile app developing company known as Smule. On the Google play store. It is simply titled Magic Piano by Smule, and that is what you will need to search for after we install the mobile app player for your PC. I will allow you to use the Magic Piano app on your desktop PC computer anytime you want for free.

One of the great things about Magic Piano is that it has gotten great ratings and reviews from people all around the world and now holds a 4.0 star rating from over 600,000 users of the app. It is also last updated on March 31, 2015 where the developers added in a better recommendation system for the music that you would like to play. Read more..

Piano Teacher App – Free Download for PC – Play Music on Windows XP, 7, 8

Piano Teacher is a music app that you can download for your PC computer for free using and android emulator. In this article we are going to be looking at steps necessary to accomplish this.

Piano Teacher is one of the most downloaded can all apps on the Android Market includes over 128 musical instruments and more than 50,000 songs available that you can learn.

All you have to do to get started with Piano Teacher is choose your favorite song in the songbook, and then follow along as it teaches you how to play that song. You get to choose through three different keyboard themes and various keyboard modes, and once you have a recording that you like you can share it with your friends by using the double keyboard mode. Read more..

How to download musixmatch app for PC – Music & Lyrics review

Musixmatch music & lyrics music and lyrics is an app that was developed by an android app developer named musiXmatch. The only two apps at this developer has released so far is musixmatch music & lyrics music and lyrics in musixmatch music & lyrics TV.

If you’re interested in finding out what musixmatch music & lyrics music and lyrics is all about, then were about to talk about some of the features about the app that make a unique and is one of the most popular apps 2014.

Download musixmatch music & lyrics music app to use on your desktop PC computer:

To download and use musixmatch music & lyrics app on your computer you’re going to need to use an android emulator such as BlueStacks. You can download BlueStacks from your Internet browser by going to and downloading the app player from their homepage. Read more..

How to download Songza and listen to free songs online

A free app on the Android Market that’s currently been trending is called Songza. This mobile app can be found in the music and audio category of the Google play store, and if you’d like to download and use it for free you can head over to and run a search for Songza.

Download Songza on your desktop PC computer

The great news is that you can download Songza on your desktop PC computer as well if you’re running a Windows XP, Windows 7 and even a Windows 8 computer by using a free mobile app player called BlueStacks. You can download BlueStacks from and then install it on your computer. Read more..

Download Yokee Karaoke Sing & Record Free on PC

Karaoke Sing & Record is a free app in the music and audio category of the android marketplace.

This app allows its users to get access to an unlimited library of songs and videos by connecting you to YouTube to sing and record songs before sharing it with the world.

The best feature of Yokee Karaoke (Download Using BlueStacks)  is that if you’re having trouble with singing in tune with the song and keeping up with the lyrics, you can simply turn on the auto-tune feature and change your voice to correct any pitch problems. Read more..

TuneIn Radio Download Free on Windows XP, 7, 8, Mac

TuneIn Radio free radio app

TuneIn Radio is a music & audio app released by TuneIn Inc to the Android market. You can download TuneIn Radio free using an Android emulator like BlueStacks.

If you’re ready to start using TuneIn Radio on your computer, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Install the BlueStacks free mobile app player.
  2. Launch BlueStacks from your desktop and run a search for TuneIn Radio.
  3. Open the correct app and click the green Install button.
  4. When the install is complete, click Open to begin using it.

That’s all you have to do to start using this awesome app for free on your desktop.

The best features about this app is that it provides users who love to listen to music with one of the largest collections of radio stations you can find anywhere! Read more..

Just Dance Now Free App Download

 Just Dance Now is a free music game and app available for download on the Android marketplace. It was released by Ubisoft Entertainment and made available just recently via the Google play store and has become a hit game ever since.

The game gives you and your friends access to lots of fun songs and the ability to track both your moves and your score after your dance is over. All you have to do is use your cell phone as the controller and connect it to any screen.

You can go to their official website to connect your screen, and then follow the dancers as they show you how to move while you track everything on your phone. Read more..