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Fitbit App Software for PC – Download on Computer

The health and fitness app called Fitbit is a great way for you to be able to get active, eat better, manager wait and sleep better at night. The great news about Fitbit is that although it is an Android app that is available on your Google play store app on your Android smart phone or tablet, you can also download, install and use Fitbit app on your Windows computer as a piece of software for your PC by downloading the BlueStacks mobile app player.

Fitbit is an app that provides you with a great way to stay in shape and track all of your daily goals and progress over a span of time which include stats like your steps, distance, calories burned and many many more things. You can even use your GPS on your phone to be able to run, walk and even hike through the woods and be able to track all of your stats to see what your paces like and if you can improve in the future with a better time and distance. Read more..

Endomondo Running Cycling Walk fitness app review

Endomondo Running Cycling Walk is a new app that was released by and made available on the Google play store in the Health & Fitness category of android apps.

Endomondo Running Cycling Walk app features

You’re probably wondering if this is a good app to download or if it’s even necessary for you to have if you’re interested in becoming fit. One of the great things about the Endomondo Running Cycling Walk app is that it’s a perfect solution for anyone doing almost any type of fitness activities such as running, riding a bike, walking or even more extreme exercises such as kayaking. Read more..