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How to download My Boo – A free virutal pet game for kids

My Boo – Your Virtual Pet is one of our favorite education games for kids. It’s been download over 10 million times and has an impressive rating of 4.2 stars from over 300,000 players on the Google play store.

My Boo includes lots of cool features that make it unique and original in its genre like 16 awesome mini-games which will keep you busy when simply taking care of your virtual pet gets a bit boring. This app was developed by Tapps and is updated quite frequently to fix any problems as well as add in new content to keep the game exciting and fresh. In the most recent November 2014 update, the developers added in 2 new mini games (Boo mix and piano Boo) as well as something called Boo of the week, which allows users to share their characters and have them featured in the game itself. Read more..

What are the best free educational apps for kids?

The Android market is a great place to find really fun games and apps for your kids to play, but most of these apps are just for keeping yours kids occupied while you do your chores around the house. But if you do your research, you can find lots of apps that are both fun and educational for your kids so that they won’t just be wasting their time, but they will be learning at the same time. Below is a list of our favorite free educational apps that your kids will enjoy playing and hopefully they will learn a thing or two in the process! Read more..