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Download Dragon Mania Legends for PC

Dragon Mania Legends for PC

You may have been through strategy games  if you are a true gamer and must know the thrilling experience it brings out.Today i am going to lead you a new level the  Dragon Mania Legends  ,which is yet another simulation game with lots more in it this time. The addictive game Dragon Mania Legends has been on top charts ever since it hit the store. This time Action has a lot more to the taking with amazing colofur graphics and cite gragons to play with. The game is recently launched with new exciting levels and tricks to deal with handy strategies and techniques to follow and take the charge on the enemy dragons and save your beloved homepland . As Dragon Mania Legends is officially launched for Google playstore and iOS iTunes we bring you the source to play and have  Dragon Mania Legends for pc by using handy emulators like bluestacks and andy with complete details below. Read more..

Dragon Mania Legends for PC Windows 7/8 & Mac

If you are one of those people who love games with dragons then you might want to try Dragon Mania Legends. You can breed more than 100 species of dragons, you can train them and eventually you can take them into battle when you believe that they are ready.

There are plenty of dragons in this game and they are all categorized in 3 tiers and they are Basic, Advanced and Greater. Some dragons have a single element and some dragons have multiple elements. These elements relate to the resistance, immunity and even weaknesses. There are 11 elements and among them you can find Fire, Energy, and Water just to name some. You start the game with only 4 dragons but later you can purchase more with coins at the shop, but you can also breed them. Read more..