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How to download and play One Piece Treasure Cruise for Windows PC using an APK file

Check out the Wiki guide here:

In this article I’m can assure you how you can download a game called One Piece Treasure Cruise and be able to play it on your desktop PC computer if you’re running a Windows XP, 7 or 8 machine.

One Piece Treasure Cruise is a game that was developed by BANDAI NAMCO Games, and released into the Google play store under the role-playing category of the Android Market. BANDAI NAMCO Games is a top developer on the Google play store and have developed a dozen different apps including paid and free games, many of which you probably never heard of before. Another awesome role playing game you might enjoy playing is Terra Battle and Chain Chronicle by gumi. Read more..

Chain Chronicle APK Download & Play

Hello everybody. So in this article were given be going through how you’re going to be able to download and install one of gumi’s most popular role-playing games called Chain Chronicle – RPG using an APK file, which essentially stands for Android application package.

How to locate a Chain Chronicle APK file

The first step for getting Chain Chronicle to work using an APK file, is to download the APK file. We can accomplish this by going to Google and typing in “Chain Chronicle APK,” and then choosing a legitimate download source from a reputable site. One of our favorite sites to choose from and likely one of the top Google results will be from the website, if you see that on the list it will be a good choice for you to use the Chain Chronicle APK file from that website. Read more..

How to download Pirate King game and play the app online using an APK

Pirate King is a game that was released by Jelly Button Games into the casual category of android games on the Google play store. It can be downloaded for free from the Android Market using many different methods, and in this article we’re going to be shown you how to download Pirate King using an APK file.

How to find the Pirate King APK file online

The Pirate King app can be downloaded using an APK file as we’ve already said above. You can accomplish this by going to Google and typing in Pirate King game APK. After you do that simply choose a reputable site that looks legitimate, and then follow the steps on that site to download the APK file. Read more..

Pocket Heroes Guide for Android and iOS APK

Pocket Heroes is still fairly new game on the android platform. Was released by developer by the name of Elite Games and has quickly grown into having a small but steady following and fan base of RPG fans. There are lots of features for why you should download this game and were going to run through some of them right below.

So as the player of pocket heroes you get to build a powerful team using various character classes and be able to fight different monsters in battle. So that sounds like something you’d be interested in, then go ahead and keep reading. Pocket heroes has well over 800+ equipments that you can collect and be able to upgrade them to grow your heroes. Read more..

How to download and play World of Tanks Blitz on PC APK

If you’re in the market for an awesome free to play mobile MMO action game, then you don’t have to look any further. World of Tanks Blitz was developed by Wargaming SEA developers. This awesome app specifically for Android gamers was just released has already been downloaded millions of times and has a great rating of 4.3 stars, with many more 5 star rating than one stars.

How to download, install and play World of Tanks Blitz on your PC computer:

One of the great things about World of Tanks Blitz and android games in general is that you can quickly and easily download them and play them on your computers big screen monitor. Read more..

Ice Age Adventures app: Download this free game and start collecting acorns!

Ice Age Adventures is one of the most popular adventure games currently on the Android platform. The main reason why it’s so popular is because of the Ice Age movies that have been released consecutively over the last 10 years. The movie has been a hit with kids and younger adults who enjoy both funny, exciting and adventurous cartoon-style movies that have great graphics and a budget to get the game developed the right way.

This game allows you to go out on a new adventure with your favorite characters from the Ice Age movie. While you play this game, you’re going to find yourself in lots of different adventures and sometimes get stuck in trying to find a way out and away from the bad guys. Now they’re not really bad guys per-say, but there’s many unique looking little creatures and dinosaurs that are trying to stop you from completing your missions! Read more..

Real Boxing: Amazing interactive gameplay that’s downloadable by APK

Real Boxing is the mobile game that was developed by Vivid Games and released into the sports category of the Google play store. It’s one of the most really realistic boxing games currently available for your phone or tablet and can even be downloaded as an apk file and played on your pc computer.

Real Boxing has some great Realistic Gameplay:

Gameplay in Real Boxing is really next some next level stuff. The graphics are simply amazing and the features are very interactive; it’s about as realistic as you can get on a smart-phone app. Now because there aren’t many boxing games already available, Real Boxing has quickly gained ground for Android fans and those who enjoy watching boxing on television. The game has already been downloaded well in excess of 1 million installs, and have an overall rating of 4.2 stars, nearly 100,000 of those ratings being 5 stars. Read more..

How to play Survival Craft using a free APK?

Survival Craft is a game that allows you to do exactly what it’s called. You have to craft different tools to help you survive in the never-ending world of blocks. This app has gotten over 40,000 ratings from its users and 25k+ five-star ratings.

Survival Craft was last updated in July where they added things like crossbows, iron bolts, explosive bolts, engines and support for customizing skins.

If you’ve played Minecraft or Terraria, then you should be able to pick up on this game rather quickly because many of the basic features and gameplay is very similar. In this awesome app you get lots of additions that you wouldn’t expect with a free game such as infinite worlds, weather, boats and even animals that you can ride around on. Read more..

Kids True Skate game – Download using a free apk

True Skate is one of the most exciting skating games available for download from the Android market using a free emulator. It was developed by True Axis and has gotten well over 100k installs since its release into the Google play store.

The latest update for True Skate was on August 21 and the changes that were made to the game were adding in the Super Crown course from the Street League Skateboarding 2013 World Tour. Another update changed the video previews as well as replay sharing. The last update this time around was fixing the bugs that caused the game to crash upon starting up on specific phones and tablets. Read more..

How To play Fruit Ninja for free on my computer

Fruit Ninja is a free mobile game that you can play on your computer. There is also a paid version of this game that you can download using an APK file, we’ll try to help you out with that one too down below if you want to try the full version of the game.

Fruit Ninja was developed by Halfbrick Studios. You might be familiar with this app development company because they are behind many popular titles like Colossatron and Jetpack Joyride.

Since its release into the market on the Google play store, Fruit Ninja has gotten an amazing 100+ million downloads with over 1.75 million five star ratings. Read more..

How To Play Kingdom Rush Frontiers Using Android APK

You can play Kingdom Rush Frontiers on your phone or computer using a free Android emulator if you download an APK from a trusted source. Keep reading or scroll down to find out how to do this.

So Kingdom Rush Frontiers is an arcade tower defense game developed by Ironhide Game Studio and released into the Android market via the Google play store.

Want to try another awesome action game for your PC? Check out The Hobbit Kingdoms!

This game has lots of awesome features that make it a step-up from many other similar titles. It’s essentially a game that takes tower defense to a new level by making the gameplay much more fast-paced and exciting. Read more..

Hitman GO Action Game Free APK Install

Hitman GO is a new Hitman puzzle game that you can download and play using a free mobile app player.

This game is available for your smart phone, tablet and even for playing on a desktop computer.

This game got some stellar reviews from popular app and gaming sites like Polygon and Joystiq and maintains a 4.6 overall rating from over 20,000 players.

Some of the great features of Hitman GO is that the visuals and graphics are really intriguing and help you really get into the game.

Users who reviewed the game poorly were saying that the puzzles aren’t anything impressive, but the graphics and music are beyond impressive for a puzzle game. Read more..

Terraria Free PC Download APK

Terraria is an adventure game that can be downloaded for your android and Windows using an APK file.

This awesome app was rated 4.4 stars out five by over 40,000 players around the world. Gamers who rated the game 4 / 5 stars said that it wasn’t quite as good as the XBox and PC versions and it would be nice if there were more items to win, but it’s still one of the best apps in its category and style of gameplay.

Another gamer said that its a great game and they actually share and recommend the game to everyone they know that plays game because it’s extremely fun and addictive. Read more..

Modern Combat 5 Blackout Free Download APK

Modern Combat 5 Blackout is an action game that you can download for your smart phone as well as Windows computers using a free Android emulator.

This game was developed by Gameloft, who have also created other awesome games like Gangster Vegas. Since its release into the market it has gotten great feedback from players around the world who rated it 4.1 stars with 25,000 five-star ratings.

The reason the game was sub-five stars was because some people were having connection problems and losing their progress when they get booted out. Others disliked the controls and one gamer even said that he was asked to pay for the game a second time after already purchasing it once. Read more..

Gangstar Vegas Free Download APK

Gangstar Vegas is an action game that’s available for download as an APK.

To play this game you will need to use an Android Emulator, which we’ll explain how to do below and you will need to locate the correct APK for the game.

This game was released by Gameloft, one of the top developers on the Google play store. You might recognize Gameloft from another popular game they released titled Despicable Me.

The titled pretty much gives the gameplay away because you are essentially a ganster trying to survive and thrive in Las Vegas. Read more..