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The best ten role playing games online for 2014

Best Role Playing Games

1. Monster Squad

Monster Squad is currently trending as the most popular and best free role playing game on the Android market. It was developed by NEXON M Inc. and collected a fan-base to back it almost overnight. In this game you have three main goals, which are to collect monsters, grow them to their best abilities and then use them to battle your opponents. While this game is currently holding the top spot in RPG games, it only has a 4.1 star rating out of 40,000 users, not incredibly impressive to say the least.

2. Brave Trials

Brave Trials did very well in user ratings, maintaining  4.5 stars by almost 100,000 ratings. This RPG game was developed by the all-so popular crew at I Got Games, and with such high reviews, it will be here to stay for quite some time. In Brave Trials, you get to battle with anime style visuals and take on such wars as the World Boss, the Party Trials, the Wayfaerer’s War and do battle in the Arena.

3. The Hunger Games: Panem Rising

Kabam is the company responsible for developing the most popular gaming apps for the hit movie The Hunger Games called Panem Rising. In this game, you essentially are trying to bring the districts of Panem together to fight against the Capitol and your enemy President Snow. Although this app is very interesting and certainly playable, it’s only holding a 3.9 rating, which makes it one of the lowest rated RPG games in our top 10 list.

4. Summoners War

Summoners War is one of our most downloaded games here. It was developed by Com2uS and has been installed over 10 million times by users from around the world. In this role-playing game you have to battle over the control of a rare mineral called Mana Crystals. You get to choose from hundreds of monsters to gain your victory in the Sky Arena and become the champion of the Summoners War. With a great rating of 4.3 stars from nearly 700,000 people, we’d say this is a solid RPG game that will be around for many more months or years.

5. Battle Camp

Battle Camp is a rising game in the Role Playing genre. It has 180,000 ratings with an overall 4 stars, but over 100,000 people have given it a solid five star rating. This game features many unique things that aren’t visually seen in other games. It’s essentially described as a monster battle puzzle MMO game, but gives you a virtual world to play in that’s jam-packed with many monsters and enemies to look out for.

6. Angry Birds Epic

If you’re a fan of Android or iOS apps, you’ve more than likely come across the Angry Birds saga. It’s been around since the beginning and the developers over at Rovio are experts at coming out with popular sequels such as Angry Birds Epic.  This version has been installed well over 10 million times and has a solid 4.5 rating from nearly 1.5 million people. The latest update fixed many bugs as well as added in new levels and free coins for you to collect.

7. My Newborn – Mommy & Baby Care

I was at first surprised to see a game like My Newborn – Mommy & Baby Care in the top 10 list of most popular RPG games, but after looking at it, I could see that it was a unique game that fit a niche that wasn’t being exploited nearly as much as the other popular app styles. As the player of the app, you get to choose between 4 mom characters and then care for them and give them love as their bellies are growing prior to giving birth. It’s an interest concept and will certainly keep many kids and young adults busy for hours upon weeks. While this style of gameplay is quickly growing in popularity, this specific app only got 3.6 stars out of five, so we hope that lots of the reviews with 1 stars will give the devs things to work on and fix.

8. Legion of Heroes

Legion of Heroes is a new game on the market and has made it stand very quickly as one of the best role playing games available for download. It was developed by Nexon M and has received steller reviews from popular Android blogs and review companies. As the leader, you have to train and take your army into battle to gain victory of your opponents. You get to choose between various leaders (over 100) and then go on an awesome adventure through the huge open-world that is said to have been developed specifically for the mobile phone and tablet platform.  This app got 4.3 stars from only 60,000 people, but is sure to pick up many more reviews as the authors improve on its design.

9. Age of Warring Empire

This isn’t our first time writing about Age of Warring Empire and probably won’t be our last. In this empire building game, you take control over a giant kingdom full of impressive graphics and animations. Silent Ocean developed this game, and while they are new to the market, we’re sure they will use this release to build many more popular apps in the future. 400,000 users rated this game 4.3 stars overall to make it one of our most popular and downloaded apps on the list.

10. War of Nations

War of Nations is one of our more popular games that is played on the computer as well as mobile phones. In this war style game you get to build a giant military power to defend your lands and take over other bases as you fight for resources and power. It’s a free MMO strategy game that has been rated 3.8 stars by nearly 65,000 players around the world. The game has likely hit its peak although the devs are still updating it with new content as well as patches for the bugs and issues player are having. It’s certainly a game that will be around for a long time. Read more..

The top 10 free strategy games for the Android in 2014

Top Free Strategy Games and Apps in 2014

1. Clash of Gangs

Clash of Gangs is currently the best free strategy game on the Google play store. It’s a fairly new game released by IGG.COM who is quickly growing into one of the top developers on the Android marketplace. They have many other popular titles such as Castle Clash and Clash of Lords. Since its release it has gotten an overall rating of 4.4 stars with close to 150,000 total ratings. In the latest update, Clash of Gangs was given improvements to make the users experience much better.

2. Gods Rush

Gods Rush is another game developed by IGG which was only recently released and has quickly made its way to hold the second place as one of the most popular strategy games for smart phones. The game has been reviewed as being an easy to play and a fun game that you don’t have to spend hours on advancing, though you can certainly play it for hours or days straight and still have something fun to do. Gods Rush got a rating of 4.6 stars by its users. Read more..

Free Download of Deer Hunter 2014 for PC Computer

If you’ve been on the prowl for a fun new way to pass your time then Deer hunter 2014 is definitely the game for you! This amazing and stimulating hunting game leaves player excited and craving for more. The game is a must play for players of all age groups and is a great way to pass time when you feel bored. It’s really simple and fun to play and it makes the hunting experience an immemorial one. With this game the players are sure to get a superior experience.

The Deer hunter 2014 has endless features but it is basically a shooting game. The players aim and then they shoot at targets. The aim in each level is to shoot a certain number of animals, and by doing so, the player gets promoted to the next level. There are countless levels in the game and each level is more exciting than the previous ones. Beating each level helps the players earn additional hunter bucks for weapons upgrades and customizations. Every level that the player attempts to play costs him some amount of energy which also makes this a very challenging and interesting game that excites the users. Read more..