Surprises Await at the World Cup 2018

The World Cup 2018 is nearly upon us.  This tournament is scheduled to be the first World Cup hosted in Russia.  That fact alone poses a number of anomalies for the tournament.

One such is the variability of the weather in Mother Russia.  Although the games will be played from mid-June to mid-July, the Russian summer is far less reliable than summer in most other countries.  Whilst it might not snow during the games, it could get quite cold, putting warm weather teams at a disadvantage.

Catching the Red Eye

The games are scheduled for 12 different cities.  For both players and fans, that means long travelling distances and times.  We expect travel to be strenuous on players and fans and that it will cause its own set of controversies.

The stadiums have vastly different capacities.  We will likely see fans travelling far only to discover that they can’t get into the stadium.  This ought never to happen, of course, but with some stadiums holding 90,000 fans and others holding only about 45,000 fans this is sure to happen.

Grass Burns Coming

Many of the stadiums are new and many of the new ones chose to put in artificial grass.  Despite technological improvements in artificial grass over the years, real grass is far more conducive to football than the stuff horses can’t eat.  We can expect to see some minor or even major injuries caused by the artificial surfaces.

GOOOOAL or not

Technology will decide goals when it is unclear if the ball made it over the line.  This new wrinkle will prove to be as controversial as deciding the winner on penalty shots once was.

How Could They Lose?

Underachieving teams have always created disappointment for their fans.  If the Russian squad fails to advance there could be disturbances from local fans.  The same is possible for fans from other failing countries but no country will have as many fans there as Russia.

Europe Must Give Way Someday

We have become used to Europe being the perennial powerhouse of international football.  Yet it is only a matter of time before an upstart nation defeats one or more of the teams expected to go far in the tournament.  We aren’t used to African or Asian teams defeating our beloved European teams.

Racism has long been a problem in European football.  Some players even hear racial jibes from their own fans.  We shudder to think how fans disappointed by a defeat from an upstart team might vent their disappointment in racist ways.

Russians are not known to be as tolerant of people getting a bit rowdy as western Europeans are.  As fans imbibe a bit too much alcohol and then act out in a drunken state, we might see Russian security personnel react in ways we would not expect from our local police.

Great New Players

The World Cup is always a showcase for new players to show their skills off to the world and for established players to fight for one last grand victory.  Ronaldo will be 33 years old in 2018 and Messi will be 30.  Neither is too old to excel in the games but these will likely be the last World Cup games for both of them.

Young players who may have excellent reputations back home or in their respective leagues will want to show the world that they are ready to dethrone the top players.

Teamwork or Team Fail

Many countries are loaded with talent but it is not merely talent that wins World Cup tournaments.  The players have to play together.  It is never a given that great players from the same country who come together to play in this tournament will be able to sublimate their egos for the greater good of their team and country.

We Protest!

The world is in disarray on many fronts and international gatherings always bring out the political extremists to demonstrate and possibly do some damage to property.  We can only hope that the security details will be so well trained that they can contain any demonstrations before they get out of hand.

Tooting That Horn

Finally, there will be two far more benign developments than political demonstrations, weather problems, injuries, and the like.  The vuvuzela will re-appear causing dogs to howl and fans to run for the exits.  Other fans will so enjoy the sound of this so-called trumpet that they will ask that all fans be given a vuvuzela upon entering a stadium!

Products Abounding

Finally, we can only imagine how commercial interests will market their trinkets, games, online casinos, and so on.  We’ll certainly be offered many chances to play Vegas slots with a World Cup theme.  Hopefully, we’ll win the big jackpot! Cody Wichmann Authentic Jersey

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