Download & Install TextNow on Computer (Windows and Mac)

TextNow is a free social app that is available on the Google play store for free download from a popular developer known as Enflick. This is one of their few applications that they have released onto the Android marketplace, and the most popular one so far.

The reason TextNow has become such a huge hit around the world, is because it allows users to send free SMS text messages as well as picture messages, and you can even make calls and leave voicemails to your friends and family. You get unlimited access to free calls as well as unlimited text messages after you create an account with TextNow.

The application gives you your own dedicated phone number that you can share with your friends and use it to text and call them, and the best part is that there are no high-priced plans they have to pay monthly for to continue using the program.

Features of TextNow – What makes it great?

TextNow has many great features that make it a unique messenger app as well as a calling app that you can use with your smart phone or even on your desktop computer using and Android emulator. You get to earn credits towards your phone calls by completing partnered offers. If another user however has the same app, then your phone calls are completely free and unlimited, even for incoming calls.

With TextNow you get full access to picture messages and you can send and receive and even save them to your phone or computer. Emoticon are certainly included and you can even add your own signatures to each text message. You can customize a lot of different things with this program such as your ring tone and even your vibration, and if you get really creative you can customize your backgrounds to make it look exactly the way you wanted.

Perhaps the customization is the best part about using TextNow as your messenger or phone app. You can even assign each contact in your list their very own ringtone and background so that you know exactly when they’re calling and who it is that’s calling. You can then hit reply quickly and easily to respond to your friends and there’s even a home screen widget that you can add if you decide to install this app on your smart phone using the Google play store app.

How to download and use TextNow on computer (Windows and Mac)

If you would like to start using this free messenger or voice call app on your desktop computer, then follow the instructions down below and we are going to install it and begin using TextNow for PC.

Step 1. Install the free app player known as BlueStacks from their homepage at
Step 2. Use the BlueStacks app player after you launch it from your desktop to search for the application titled TextNow within the Google play store in the app player.
Step 3. When you locate the correct app that you would like to install, simply click the green install button on apps official page. This will allow the app player to automatically download and install the app for you.
Step 4. Once the process is complete, you can now begin using TextNow by clicking the green open button which will launch the app on your desktop monitor. You can also launch the app by searching for the icon on the BlueStacks home screen.

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