The highest selling Clash of Clans accounts sold on ebay with paperclips

If you’re a fan of the popular strategy game Clash of Clans and have been playing endlessly for months to get your account to a high level, you might be wondering how much your account is worth if you were to sell it online.

One of the most popular marketplaces for selling a Clash of Clans account is an auction site called eBay. Selling an account on eBay is as simple as listing all the details of the account (gem counts, gold, level, rank and building upgrades) and then providing screenshots as proof.

If you’re scrolling through some accounts on eBay, you might notice a repeating theme in the form of selling paper clips along with your account. This is a way that sellers can get away with the rules behind selling digital items online. You simply sell a paper clip, which is a physical item, and then attack your account to the auction as a free bonus. That way you aren’t actually selling an account, but it’s just a part of the winnings for the highest bidder.

Highest Selling Clash of Clans Accounts

The most expensive accounts sold to date are level 40 champ accounts that have been maxed out. All of these sold for over $11,000 using the buy-it-now feature.

Highest Selling Clash of Clans Accounts

After that, you can see the price quickly drops to prices of just a few thousand dollars. Most of these higher priced auctions have some outstanding features like a ton of gems or maxed out upgrades. People buy accounts like these to save their time and money from buying gems to upgrade and from playing 6 months to a year to reach level 100+.

Clash of Clans Accounts on Ebay Muhammad Wilkerson Authentic Jersey

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