How to Download Summoners War Sky Arena for PC

Summoners War Sky Arena is a game that you can download for free if you have an Android smart phone or Windows PC (scroll down to find our Summoners War Sky Arena download guide for playing on computer). It was last updated on December 2, 2014 where the developers added new monsters and fixed specific errors in the skills. But by reading certain forums and communities where Summoners War is discussed, you will be able to find out that those being caught using cheats and tools to get free crystals, and pretty much anything else in the game that would logically be considered cheating, have been losing their accounts in specific games. We’re not sure if this is happening with Summoners War currently, but we strongly advise against using such as cheats in Summoners War due to the possibility!

Here’s how to install and play Summoners War for free:

To download this free game for your Windows 7/8/XP or Mac computer, you will need to first download and learn how to use BlueStacks:

  1. Visit and download their free mobile app player from their homepage.
  2. After you download and install BlueStacks, you can do a search for Summoners War Sky Arena.
  3. When you find the game on BlueStacks, simply open the page and click Install to download the game.
  4. When it’s finished downloading, you can press Open to start the game.

How to Download Summoners War Sky Arena for PC

Features of Summoners War Sky Arena

I was never into games based on energy strategies but for some reason I got hooked on to this one.This game feels a lot like ‘Final Fantasy’, but it is definitely better than that. I downloaded this game about a month back on my HTC One and since then I haven’t stopped playing it. The game looks just fantastic on the Full HD screen of HTC One.

For some reason the game keeps reminding me of the good ol’ ‘Pokemon’ days which I was addicted to when I was 10 or 12. It is probably the most addictive game available on Android right now. P.S. I have already been through the ‘Candy Crush’, ‘Angry Bird’s’, ‘Flappy Bird’ and ‘Temple Run’ addiction phase. It is the best RPG game for a cell phone.

Summoners War Sky Arena Gameplay

Summoners War Sky Arena Gameplay

Summoners War Sky Arena game appThe game provides stunning 3D graphics and the whole user interface looks magical in tune with the gameplay. The design of the menus, game balance and monster designs look brilliant. The game features more than 400 monsters which is why I have got so much addicted to this game. I want to collect all the monsters.

The monsters all of them look very cool and there is a concept where we can evolve the monsters into something more powerful. It is a lot of fun to collect and evolve the monsters. The game also comes with every day or every week bonuses which keeps adding to the ‘WOW’ factor. Some people might complain that this is an expensive game but as far as I am concerned it is totally worth the investment.

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