Download Game of War Fire Age for PC Windows Computer Laptop

Game of War Fire Age is a free strategy game you can download for your Windows PC computer or laptop. It was developed by Machine Zone, Inc and advertised as an addictive online war that lets you play and chat with your friends while you attack and destroy your enemies.

Game of War Fire Age Latest Updates

Download Game of War Fire Age Free for PC

This mobile app was updated once again on April 20, 2015 where the developers made various fixes to an issue that was reported by some of the users for the Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. Another recent change was the addition of the Alliance City, where users will be able to take on this achievement along with your alliance by building the Alliance City.

Game of War Fire Age for PCThis one is going to be a bit hard to understand so you’re going to have to check out the game to understand this latest update for Game of War. The final change in this update was that the addition of core crafting, which is described as an exciting all new feature that will give you core equipments.

The last update was on July 28, 2015, and it also has an amazing 139,000 five-star ratings, so it’s kind-of hard to go wrong with this game.

How to Download Game of War Fire Age for PC – Windows XP / 7 / 8

Downloading Game of War Fire Age for PC is as easy as downloading a free piece of software called BlueStacks.

BlueStacks works by mimicking your mobile phones marketplace and allowing you to gain synced access to your Google Play Store by logging into your GMail account.

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  2. Go to and download their software for either Windows or Mac. After downloading, find the file and install BlueStacks on your computer.
  3. Open BlueStacks and click the search icon (top-left corner).
  4. Type in “Game of War” and hit enter on your keyboard.
  5. Choose “Game of War: Fire Age” (should be the first result) and open the page.
  6. Click “Install” to download the game and then “Open” when it’s finished installing it to launch the game on your Windows desktop.

Gameplay videos

How to Download Game of War Fire Age for PC

If you would like to get a good idea of what Game of War Fire Age is all about, then we recommend you check out one of the gameplay videos from YouTube that we’ve preselected for you to help you view the gameplay and understand exactly what you’ll be doing if you decide to play this game on your Android device, computer or laptop.

Don’t use cheats in Game of War Fire Age!

Download Game of War Fire AgeI’m not really here to give you strategies for guys in this paragraph for Game of War. This is more of a warning for those who feel that they do not have to play the game like everyone else and then simply download cheats to get ahead. I’m not really angry or upset and this is more of a warning for those because application developers are starting to crack down on those using tools to get free access to restricted items in the game.

You can also download Game of War Fire Age for PC using an APK file

Install Game of War Fire AgeIf you would like to play Game of War using an APK file. Then your first need to download an android emulator such as bluestacks. Bluestacks is a free mobile app player they give you access of your favourite gibson apps in one is it to access location. If you’re ready to start using bluestacks then go ahead and head over to the homepage at Download the mobile app player is in the green button on the homepage. When you install the bluestacks mobile app player you can open it and wait for it to launch which may take a few minutes.

Game of War Fire Age ComputerAfter this you will need to drag the apk file that you will download from doing a google search for game of war fire age apk. If you already have bluestacks mobile app player downloaded and installed on your computer you can simply double click the apk file and it will automatically installed onto the bluestacks mobile app player and be accessible from your my apps page.

Game of War Fire Age Features

Game of War Fire Age PCGame of War Fire Age has gotten some great reviews, but why? What are some of its cool features?

Game of War Fire Age is a lot like other popular games. Perhaps you’ve played Clash of Clans or the older Age of Empires game. Well this one is similar, though is has some different gameplay.

There are literally millions of other players to match up against, and I don’t think the game is done growing yet!

Windows Game of War Fire AgeYou get to build your hand-made town building by building and then train your hero to level him up before battle. You can then craft different kinds of weapons and hand them over to your hero after arming them with powerful gems (this is something you’ll have to play the game to understand).

Once you feel like you’ve sufficiently strengthened both your city and soldiers, then you’re ready for battle!

Game of War Fire Age Reviews

Game of War Fire Age AppThe average rating for Game of War Fire Age is 4.2 stars with 140k five-stars and only 21k one-star ratings.

Some of the negative ratings and reviews were from individuals who were complaining about the player balance, saying that it’s frustrating to have to battle someone who is a veteran when you’re still a beginner.

Other than that, most users were extremely happy with the gameplay and were saying that after you get through the initial startup confusion, you get to the easy part of building up your empire and then joining an alliance for additional help and support. D.J. Humphries Authentic Jersey

  • I only boy to play the game for a friend and when I saw it seemed very fantastic game and I like that’s why I want to play.