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Download King of Thieves for PC

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Looking to get evil this summer ? Let’s get you to one of the naughty gaming experience with your thieving skills in this unique blend of platformer and PVP multiplayer game the King of thieves. Test your skills with this interesting game that will have to your attention the moment you step into it and get a mind-blowing experience with the King of Thieves, one of the best Google Play games till date. The game King of thieves  has been available on the Android and iOS playstores but we are glad to tell you that you can also play King of thieves for PC through third party emulators like Bluestacks.Let get you to the main features and the gameplay. Read more..

Download Subway Run 2 – Endless Game for PC


Today we are going to take you an ultimate escape with Subway Run 2 – Endless Game where you can get the maximum joy ride on the rails tracks.The game is a combination of action and adventure where you have to outrun and ride you bicycle and collect as many coins as you can. Subway Run 2 – Endless Game brings into action the escape on a bike, you have to play as a teen and run over the trains into the tunnels and swipe across the hurdles to avoid the crash. Subway Run 2 – Endless Game is officially launched for android and iOS playstores but we will lead you to the guide of how you can download Subway Run 2 – Endless Game for PC through the use of helpful emulators like bluestacks and Andy. Read more..

Download Fishing Break for PC


Summers are on and its a time to lay back and have fun fishing .So get your boat and fishing gear ready we are going to take to a new fishing adventure with Fishing Break which is available free on the Android and iOS playstores. The game provides an epic fishing experience to you engaging with special features and interesting gameplay.So just go out into the waters and look for big catch and ear rewards each with different attributes.Fishing Break  is officially launched for smartphone platform but if you want to playFishing Break for PC you can download it following the below given guide using PC emulators like Bluestacks and Andy.Lets get to the gameplay and main features of Fishing Break. Read more..

Download Dulp for PC


Mobile Games have been a great way to release some daily hectic routine pressure and mess created around sometimes in your working or daily environment.Today we are going to guide you through to experience a new way to release stress and have some time ,having you hands on to a new arcade adventure, so sit back and get on with Dulp, a fine effort by Nexx Studio a game adopted by over a millions users till date. You need to have at least  4.0 version for your Android smartphone and latest on iOS. Dulp ,As originally developed for smartphone platform but if you want to enjoy Dulp for pc we have the guide for you to download Dulp through the use of various emulators like Bluestack and Andy.The game is very simple in its functionality and easy to play either on the smartphone or you are playing Dulp on PC.Lets get you straight to the core features of the game before any further delay. Read more..

Download Hungry Babies Mania for PC


We have been continuously updating with lots of interesting and joyful games and apps you can have on your smartphone for some good quality time with them. Today we will lead to another exciting new 3-match-puzzle game specially for kids as you have to feed animal babies in Hungry Babies Mania an interesting and delicious looking 3-match puzzle trivia where you have to feed the hungry animals with juicy fruits and vegetables by completing the puzzles on the right manner. The game is an effort from the developers from Storm8 studios which have games like bake story, frozen frenzy mania, bubble mania fashion story ,farm story and more under their banner. This game is free to download from the playstores for android and iOS smarphone onwners but we can show you the way how you can download Hungry Babies Mania for PC and have the fun on a bigger canvas and easy controls,whether you are taking a break from your stressed routine or felling board at home, the delightful puzzle game will surely release your stress and offer you some good time till you get addicted to it.Lets get straight to the juicy and colourful features of Hungry Babies Mania before any further delay. Read more..

Download Bejeweled Stars for PC


Puzzle games have always been one attraction to users from various age groups. The interesting features of three match puzzle games keeps you stick to your devices to have the most joy out of them.One such development has been made by EA (Electronic arts) in the recent pas with the name of Bejeweled Stars and ever since hitting the stores Free for users the game has been in most of smartphones. Bejeweled Stars  is a three match puzzle trivia with interesting and funky colourful graphics and gameplay that keeps you playing the game for long hours and keep you disclosing new levels once to achieve the goals associated with each level. You need to be brilliant and effect while playing Bejeweled Stars to complete new stages and earn various rewards and surprises to be revealed.The all-new match-3 game becomes more challenging when you step into each new level although it is available officially on the Google playstores and iOS Appstore but you can download Bejeweled Stars for PC by the use of certain emulators. Lets get a glimpse of core features of the game. Read more..

Download Fast like a Fox for PC

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If you enjoy games with tricky controls and interesting features i will lead you to a new adventure by fingersoft. The game starts with a catchy trick that you have to play it from the back of your device. confused? lets talk about an amazing game recently hit the playstores  Fast like a Fox. As the name features ,the story of a Golden fox whose treasures have been stollen by mysterious creatures called minions and you have to play as a fox to run as fast as you can by tapping on the back of your device to make it run faster and collect the coins emeralds and all the treasure by passing through the challenges from temples  to caves and levels come up with snow covered valleys and you have to pass through them. The game has gone viral on the Android playstores and iOS appstores and as you know we always provide you with information and source on how you can play and install your favourite games on your personal computers with the help of certain emulators. Read more..

Download Cookie Cats for PC

cookie cats
If you are addict to play puzzle games and looking to get your hands on your smartphone for a new game Cookie Cats is one of them.You need to collect the delicious cookies and join three of them to help feed the hungry kittens named Belle, Ziggy, Smokey, Rita, Berry and other adorable kittens. This joyous and delicious looking puzzle game has been developed by Tactile Entertainment and it offers an amazing puzzle game experience where you have to join three same coloured cookies to feed the hungry kittens and pass the levels. Cookie Cats is only available on the android and iOS platforms but iff you need to enjoy the game on your PC we lead you to download and play Cookie Cats for PC with the help of emulators like Bluestacks and Andy. Key Features Cookie Cats The games offers interesting features and funky graphical elements which enhances the gaming experience where you need to feed the cute looking cats by completing the puzzles and get through to the new levels. There will be other kittens in the neighbours as well you need to defeat them as well to achieve goals by connecting colourful cookies and fight off the big baddies.You also need to befriend new meow-sicians in this FREE puzzle game. Find ways to match more then three same coloured cookies to get surprised rewards at your disposal and earn big points in results. Look out for your rival kittens as they are on the same mission to eat up the cookies , beat them before they do. Try playing mix modes with your friends and share your achievements on various platforms to show your skills off.

Download and playCookie Cats for on your Windows PC or MAC by using BlueStacks.

  • In order to download Cookie Cats for PC, you certainly need to download and install Android emulator such as BlueStacks.
  • You can download it from their website and read the instruction to download and Install Bluestacks App Player. If the emulator is already installed on your computer, you don’t need to download it.
  • Read more..

    Download Tom & Jerry Mouse Maze for PC


    Let us take you back to the childhood with memories of Tom & Jerry which was one of the most favourite cartoon series of that time and even still kids love it. This time the developers from GlobalFun Games have created the Tom & Jerry: Mouse Maze on the same theme. It is an interesting arcade game with tom the cat chasing jerry all the time not letting him take away the cheese and more stuff from the house. The game is basically build for android and iOS platforms and free in the respective appstores but we bring you the source where you can download Tom & Jerry: Mouse Maze for PC and enjoy the fun filled experience. Read more..

    Download Space Jet for PC

    Download Space Jet for PC

    Space Jet for Windows PC

    Would you like to fight in the space? Well, if you get fascinate by the thought then you should download Space Jet for PC. In order to play Space Jet on PC, you need to download bluestacks.  It is one of the best games available in simulator genre. Space Jet is developed by Extreme Developers. To know more about the features of Space Jet, please read below.

    Features of Space Jet

    As you know, Space Jet is a simulator game which involves action as well. There are many simulation games available such as Flight Pilot Simulator 3D. But, Space Jet is brilliant online 3D shooting game. The game allows its players to join global players online. You can do the war against players around the world. Moreover, you will have the option to create your own team or join with your friends on Space Jet. Read more..

    Download Bloons TD Battles for PC

    Download Bloons td battles for PC

    Bloons TD Battles for Windows PC

    Have your ever played Bloons TD Battles? If you haven’t than you are missing on one of the coolest strategy games. Bloons TD Battles is developed by ninja kiwi. The game is based on strategy which has become one of the biggest genres in games. Please read further to know about the key features of Bloons TD Battles.

    Key Features of Bloons TD Battles

    Well, as you probably know that strategy games are the most grossing games. The game such as Clash of Clans has become the most grossing mobile strategy game. The tower defense games are based on more defensive strategy such as Allien Creeps TD. However, Bloons TD Battles has also an amazing gameplay and features. Read more..

    Download Bull Simulator 3D for PC

    Download Bull Simulator 3D for PC

    Bull Simulator 3D for Windows PC

    Would you like to get a control of an angry bull and smash everything which comes in your way? If you do then you should play Bull Simulator 3D. The game falls under arcade category and it is packed with action. Bull Simulator 3D is developed by Words Mobile. The developers have done a good job in developing a cool game on nice idea.

    Key Features and Gameplay of Bull Simulator 3D

    In Bull Simulator 3D, you will get high quality 3D animal adventure. Your basic priority should be to survive as long as you can. You have to knock down all the evil aliens which you will find in your way and eat up everything which you can find. You should remember that in general bulls are much stronger than cows, so you should play the game without any hesitation of get killed easily. Your only focus is on doing the damage as much as possible. Read more..

    Download League Friends for PC

    Download League Friends for PC

    League Friends for Windows PC

    Are you a League of Legends player and want to connect with your friends? Well, if you do then you have League Friends to connect with your friends. League Friends is an app which allows players to connect with their existing League of Legends accounts and with their friends list as well. In case you don’t have an account, you should make one by signing up on

    Key Features of League Friends

    In League Friends, you will have an option to connect with your league of legend friends anywhere you want. If you have this app install on your iPhone, you can easily talk to your friends. Currently, League Friends is only available for Apple users. The app allows the users to sync to different devices such as your iPhone, iPad and MAC. Read more..

    Download Hello Kitty Lunchbox for PC

    Download Hello Kitty Lunchbox for PC

    Hello Kitty Lunchbox for Windows PC

    The game which I am about to review is specifically for children. Kitty is a famous cartoon character among children. Hello Kitty Lunchbox is a fun and exciting game for children. The game is based on preparing lunchbox and gets rewards in return from Kitty. The game is developed by Budge Studios. To know more about the major features of Hello Kitty Lunchbox, please read below.

    Major Features of Hello Kitty Lunchbox

    In Hello Kitty Lunchbox, you have to prepare the recipe according to Hello Kitty demand. If you achieve the success in creating the recipe, Hello Kitty will give your beautiful rewards in order to decorate your school lunchbox. Read more..

    Download Live Face Swap for PC

    Download live face swap for PC

    Live Face Swap for Windows PC

    Do you want an app which allows you to swap the faces? If you do then you are at right place. Live Face Swap is great app to enjoy and have fun by swapping faces. The app is developed by R22 Software and it falls under the photography category. Let me elaborate the key features of Live Face Swap.

    Key Features of Live Face Swap

    Everyone looks for the fun app to use on their mobile devices or on PC. Live Face Swap is a pure fun. It allows the users to copy their own face from any picture and paste it to anyone else picture. It’s quite easy to swap the face. Read more..