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Download Card Wars Kingdom for PC

Card Wars Kingdom for PC

Be ready for some real excitement in this all new card game collection in  Card Wars Kingdom  ,which is now available free on Android and iOS playstores.The good news is that now it is available for PC with the help of third party emulator like bluestacks.All you need to play Card Wars Kingdom for PC  is to download bluestacks and follow instructions we are providing you with.Go through Some of the exciting features if you haven’t yet played the game on any other format along with the procedures how to install Card Wars Kingdom on you windows PC or Mac.

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Tekken Card Tournament (CCG) app: Download free card games

The game Tekken Card Tournament latest card game released by BANDAI NAMCO Games Europe. His last updated on January 14, 2015 where the developer saw fit to move their version 3.1 which would fix various minor bug fixes as well as added in the system push notification which now opens the game upon tapping.

On top of this version 3.14 Tekken Card Tournament we also have version 3.0 added right before it, which brought in new character Jin in a new tag feature system which is available when you have up to nine cards per character deck.

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Card Wars Free Download Adventure Time

Card Wars is a card game released into the Android market by Cartoon Network and made available for download on smart phones and Windows PC Computers.

Card Wars is probably one of the funnest card games in its category and gives users hours of addictive gameplay.

Since being released into the Google play store it’s gotten well over 100,000 installs and maintains a rating of over 4 stars out of five.

Those who rated the game poorly said that the updates threw them off by losing their data and having to start all over again. There are also plenty of glitches to complain about and one user even said that they spent real money on the game and then lost their cards in the most recent update in October, sounds disappointing to say the least.

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Download Fantasy Warlord App Game for Free

Fantasy Warlord App Game

Fantasy Warlord is a fantasy RPG card game by GAMEVIL that was released in July of 2014.

In Fantasy Warlord, you get to play to collect strong Guardians and use them to create allies and takeover the World Boss.

Here are the latest features from the Google Play Store:

• Extract and collect the souls of legendary Guardians!
• Discover all 4 types of Guardians – Human, Demon, God, and Gaia!

• Combine your Guardians to create an even more powerful one!
• The combinations are endless!

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Download and Play Elemental Kingdoms for Free on Windows PC

Elemental Kingdoms is a virtual card game where you can collect cards and assemble your own personalized deck. After that you may challenge random people online to intense and full of emotions battles, in order to see who has the most powerful deck in the world. Over 200 cards are available, along with more than 250 challenges to be completed and over 80 playable levels.

The game is based on a PvP (Player vs Player) style, which means you can concentrate on one target (or objective) at a time, in order to evolve your deck and beat the world!. Some valuable tips (from player to player) are: the more quests you complete, the more money you get; spend it getting new (and better) cards. Also try to keep your acquired abilities balanced, by evolving all of them in a regular and cyclical basis. The same tip is valid for individual cards: try to keep them all on the same level (or with a maximum difference of 5 points) because it will make you always have strong cards available, according to your present level.

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